Foss Soxtec 8000 extraction unit and Hydrotec hydrolysis unit

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Foss offers the Soxtec 8000 extraction unit and Hydrotec hydrolysis unit, a fully automated solution for total fat analysis. Consisting of an extraction unit, a hydrolysis unit and a single Hydrocap filter that is common to both units, the Soxtec 8000 allows hydrolysis and Soxhlet analysis to be performed in one integrated laboratory process. Other advances in the automation of fat analysis include a solvent dosage dial for improved safety and minimal operator time. Smart water cooling only starts when actually required, self adjusting hotplates ensure optimal heat transfer to extraction cups and the hotplates can be individually switched on and off. An optional extra six position unit in the extraction phase allows batch handling of up to 12 samples using the same control unit.  

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