Lift'n Buddy Model LNB-350 two-wheel hand truck

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Phone: 1.866.593.3053


Retail Handling Solutions
11 Gray Rd
Falmouth ME 04105
United States

Lift'n Buddy offers the Model LNB-350 two-wheel hand truck with a powered lift, combining the vertical lifting of a small powered stacker with the convenience, versatility and simplicity of a 2-wheel hand truck. Built on an aluminum frame, Model LNB-350 can handle loads of up to 350 pounds and lift them 36 inches. The lift has heavy-duty 10-inch polyurethane tires and an on-board 12-volt battery with a built-in charger. The LNB-350 also has a stationary base platen that keeps it upright and freestanding, and the platform has 10 slots in case the load needs to be secured with bungee cords or straps.

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