National Bulk Equipment Inc. 5-station bulk bag unloader system

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National Bulk Equipment Inc
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United States

National Bulk Equipment Inc. offers a 5-station bulk bag unloader system that combines high-capacity structural construction with a centralized controls and automation architecture to supply to downstream process operations a total of 12 million pounds/year of five, combustible input ingredients. Each bulk bag unloader station is constructed of thick-wall, 6-inch by 4-inch carbon steel structural tubing, and heavy-gauge carbon steel plate to meet, or exceed, ANSI and ASME specifications, according to the company. The five different material types range in bulk density from 150kg/m to 630kg/m, each with varied, non-free flowing material characteristics. Each NBE bulk bag unloader uses two integrated, hydraulic massage paddles with 2,200 pounds of paddle pressure to condition the material and aid material flow.

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