Kason Corp. Vibrosceen Separator

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Phone: 1.973.467.8140
Fax: 1.973.258.9533


Kason Corp
67-71 East Willow St
Millburn NJ 07041
United States

The Kason Corp. Vibrosceen Separator separates bulk food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other products prone to screen blinding and contamination into three particle size fractions. Constructed of stainless steel, the separator complies with 3-A, BISSC and FDA sanitary standards. The external, interlocking flange configuration of the screen frame fully envelops the support ring of the screen, eliminating the gap between the screen ring and frame wall, where material could otherwise collect. The Vibroscreen Separator uses single or multiple transducers to transmit ultrasonic frequencies in continuous or pulse mode. Auto-lube and auto-clean features are available.

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