Larson Electronics LLC Magnalight WCDE-4-4X300W LED mobile light tower

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Phone: 1.214.616.6180
Toll Free: 1.877.415.9583
Fax: 1.903.498.3364


Larson Electronics LLC
9419 E US Hwy 175
Kemp TX 75143
United States

Larson Electronics LLC's Magnalight WCDE-4-4X300W LED mobile light tower is a high-power mobile lighting system featuring four 300-watt LED lamps that produce a total of 118,320 lumens of light output paired with a diesel generator and control system, mounted to a single axle trailer. The trailer has 2,000-pound-rated single axle, dual safety chains, and a standard 2-inch ball style coupling hitch. Power for this mobile light tower is provided by a water-cooled Kubota diesel engine turning a 6,000-watt, 120/240 VAC generator with four-wire hookup and external ground. 

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