Kuhne TrippleBubble film technology

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Kuhne Anlagenbau GmbH
Einsteinstr 20
Sankt Augustin 53757

Kuhne Anlagenbau GmbH offers its TripleBubble water-quenched and bi-oriented film technology. This technology is dedicated to the production of bi-oriented blown films for advanced food packaging applications, including meat, sausages and cheese, providing advantages such as high oxygen barrier, according to the company. The line ranges from high-speed mono-systems for sausage casings with production speeds of up to 300 m/min, via medium width co-extrusion systems for multi-layer food packaging films, up to large size systems for film widths of up to 1.9 m, providing high barrier and mechanical properties. TripleBubble shrink films typically consist of a PET- or PA-based outer layer, a structural layer based on DuPont Surlyn and a PE-based seal layer, and can be enhanced with an EVOH or PVDC based barrier structure. 

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