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National Bulk Equipment Inc
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National Bulk Equipment Inc.'s bulk container dumper is designed specifically for processing applications handling non-free flowing, high bulk density materials. Process-specific\nfeatures of this bulk container dumper include a specially milled 304-2b\nstainless steel sheet for improved material release during infeed,\nand faster, more thorough cleaning during changeovers. Additional design\nfeatures that speed changeovers and improve product safety include: the elimination\nof internal angles that could harbor contaminants; the use of rounded-radius framework turned 45 degrees to\nhorizontal to speed moisture run-off; and sub-assembly designs that enable single-operator\naccess, removal and replacement. ", "The thick-wall, 8-inch by 6-inch, stainless\nsteel chassis ensures stable, heavy-lift performance during the raise-and-rotation\nsequence of the 2,500-pound loads at a 16-foot dump height. This fully automated, bulk material\nhandling system is built on the NBE integrated construction and controls\ninfrastructure. The complete process sequence, including container loading and\nsealing, and container high-lift and discharge, operates on a paired, process-specific\nstructural framework chassis with all automation and control functions\ncentralized to a single, menu-driven HMI to enable standardized and system-wide\ndata reporting. The NBE integrated construction and controls infrastructure\nprovides the basis for reduced total cost of ownership, relative to the common\nsystems integration concept of bolt-together, divergent ‘islands’ of equipment\nand controls, while also improving process performance and the accuracy of\nproduction data shared throughout the enterprise, according to the company.

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