National Bulk Equipment Inc. sanitary bulk bag unloader with CPG container filling system

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National Bulk Equipment Inc
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United States

National Bulk Equipment Inc. offers a sanitary bulk bag\nunloader with CPG container filling system. This bulk bag unloader system\nconditions and discharges various semi free-flowing, hygroscopic, contaminable\npowders at a rate of 8,000 lbs/hr, while feeding the powders to the end-of-line\ncontainer filling system. The operation accommodates processing of other types\nof powdered materials and filling of multiple consumer packaged goods (CPG) container\nsizes. ", "With this design, the company claims that changeover times\nwere reduced as a result of design features, such as: the elimination of\ninternal angles, corners and dead spaces to reduce accumulation of\ncontaminants; angled planes, rounded-radius framework, highly finished plate\nand stand-offs to speed moisture run-off away from product contact areas; and subassembly\naccess, removal and replacement as single-operator, tool-less actions to\nreduce time and labor per event. Container fill rates reach beyond the target\nof 15 containers per minute; rates unattainable by the previous system. The enclosed\nbulk bag discharging, material conditioning, feeding and filling systems protect\noperators by preventing migrant material dusts from entering the process area.\nThe enclosed design also protects process material from contamination.

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