ECCS IPlug PDF Single-Use temperature data logger

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ECCS IPlug PDF Single-Use temperature data logger alarm your product and automatically generate PDF reports to give to receivers as proof of best practices. Ideal for use in trucks, refrigerated compartments and warehouses, these products are now available at CAS DataLoggers.

Traveling with product palettes and truck shipments, IPlug PDF loggers continually monitor your product while it’s on the go and save drivers the hassle of having to stop and take manual temperature measurements. The built-in USB interface makes connection to a PC for downloading data a snap so you don’t need a USB driver.

The IPlug PDF data logger monitors the temperature of its environment at a range of -40C to 65C. The logger takes measurements at an accuracy of 0.3C and resolution of 0.1C. The logger is compact and lightweight for easy placement and retrieval. The Start and Stop buttons make operation easy even for new users.

 With a large 8,000-point memory capacity (Encrypted) and a 60-day/user-programmable duration, the data logger is ideal for extended trips. The logger is also EN 12830—CE—RoHs Compliant and is fully recyclable. 

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