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Using the JLS Osprey robotic case packer as a base, special modifications and tooling were added to develop the innovative Osprey CL automatic chub loader. The system features single or dual ABB IRB 360 FlexPicker robots. The entire system comes in a small footprint, saving processors valuable floor space. Speeds range from 125 chubs/min (single-head robot) up to 200 chubs/min (dual-head robot) depending on chub size, weight and pack pattern.

The CL, like traditional Ospreys, utilizes the full capabilities of the ABB robot(s) to remove complexities found in other pick and place, gantry and wrap-around case packers. Some of the features that make the CL a chub loading game changer include:

  • Simple product handling: Use of special V-TRACK pick conveyor to eliminate rolling during picking – runs any size chub
  • Simple End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT): Lightweight, changes quickly without tools, cleans easily and features Vacuum On Board (VOB) which facilitates high-speed vacuum generation without external pump or blower
  • Simple case handling: Flight-free conveyor design allows continuous motion case transport without constant start/stop
  • High sanitary design: Stainless steel round tube construction, continuous welds, NEMA 4X rating
  • Modular system design: Case packing, erecting and sealing are all decoupled allowing for maximum system flexibility
  • Extremely fast changeovers: Simply change a recipe, adjust the case guide rails and change the end-of-arm tool

 The CL handles chub packs ranging from 2” to 4.5” diameter, 4” to 24” in length and weighs from 8 oz. up to 10 lbs. Chub products handled include ground beef, turkey, chicken, pork or sausage, pet food, cookie dough, sauerkraut, chili, liver sausage, polenta, meatloaf and more. 

When fully loaded, the cartridge discharges the pouches vertically into the case. No vision changes are required between SKUs, adding to the machine’s flexibility. 

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