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Nercon’s Spirex Spiral Conveyor provides a compact solution to elevate or lower a variety of products in a production line. The system gently carries products between floors or machines or over aisles, taking up minimal floor space. Designed with a uniform slope and a continuously moving tabletop chain, the Spirex Conveyor ensures smooth operation without disturbing the product. This makes it ideal for fragile products that cannot handle impact or gripping. The Nercon Spirex is engineered to convey trays, cartons, boxes, pouches, plastic containers, bottles and bundles for the food and beverage packaging, household product packaging, and light industrial packaging industries.

With attractive pricing, a robust design, and such versatility in packaging applications, Nercon’s Spirex Conveyor is an ideal choice for new projects or line modifications that require elevation changes. The bi-directional Spirex can be configured in a variety of in-feed and discharge height combinations, along with high and low speed applications. Operating speeds up to 150 feet per minute are attainable depending upon the height change and product size and weight. For wash-down environments requiring stainless steel construction, the Spirex is the smart choice. It is also available in painted steel construction. Adaptable to customer requirements, multiple lanes, slope and chain widths are available ranging from 3 ¼” to 15”. The in-feed and discharge location is also variable depending on the application. It even features the flexibility for three different case sizes to be conveyed without any changeover.

Nercon is a leading manufacturer of standard and specially designed conveyor systems. Their systems work with aluminum, tin, paperboard, cardboard, paper, plastic or glass containers. All conveyors are designed to maximize line efficiencies and reduce changeover times.


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