Negoen Corporation Campy-Cefex

Contact Information

Contact: Matt Nichols
Title: Key Account Manager
Phone: 517.372.9200
Toll Free: 800.234.5333


620 Lesher Pl
Lansing MI 48912
United States

Neogen Corporation offers a culture medium called Campy-Cefex. Campy-Cefex provides a quicker, simpler way to detect and differentiate the pathogens and from other, relatively harmless members of the species, according to the company. The patented formulation uses only the antibiotics cycloheximide and cefoperazone, and has been shown by the USDA to both grow in a culture and repress the growth of most other organisms. Traditional enrichment methods require a 4-hour pre-enrichment step prior to inoculating media plates with sample cultures, but Campy-Cefex provides a "direct-to-plate" method, eliminating the pre-enrichment step.

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