Ever Extruder VR Series 2 line

Contact Information

Contact: Alan Kirkland
Title: Engineering Manager
Phone: 1.636.937.8830
Fax: 1.636.937.6111


Ever Extruder
7 Goodwin Dr
Festus MO 63028
United States

The Ever Extruder VR Series 2 line features a cutter blade, cutter drive hub, carbide die plate, carbide protected screws, shaft support system and rear seal system. The cutter blade is designed to increase productivity and efficiency, with 6-blade to 30-blade configurations, and the cutter drive hub is designed for precision and accuracy. The carbide die plates aim to maintain die cavity shape and size, and carbide protected screws eliminate the need to constantly adjust and maintain extruder equipment. The shaft support system optimizes the concentricity of the shaft and barrel of the extruder to prevent surging and eliminate restriction, according to the company. And the rear seal system is equipped with stainless steel and carbide technology for a long life.

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