BrightPet Nutrition Group

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BrightPet Nutrition Group
38281 Industrial Park Road
Lisbon OH 44432
United States
BrightPet Nutrition Group operates subsidiaries Ohio Pet Foods, Southern Tier Pet Nutrition and Phoebe Pet Products. BrightPet produces food and treats for dogs, cats and small mammals, and is a leading contract manufacturer of premium and super-premium holistic, natural and organic recipes. BrightPet exports to more than 25 countries around the world, and its leadership is exploring product line extensions, facility enhancements and additional acquisitions.


2016: BrightPet Nutrition Group forms through the acquisition and merger of Ohio Pet Foods and Southern Tier Animal Nutrition Group by the private investment firm Graham Partners. With the acquisition, BrightPet takes control of Ohio Pet Foods brands Blackwood, Adirondack and Makin’ Trax.


Blackwood, Adirondack, Makin' Trax, By Nature

Geographic markets served

Middle East, North America, Asia Pacific

Key product categories

Raw Frozen Refrigerated Cat Food, Raw Frozen Refrigerated Dog Food, Cat Treats Snacks, Wet Dog Food, Dog Treats Snacks, Wet Cat Food, Dry Dog Food, Dry Cat Food

  • 2018
    Name Value
    Annual Revenue 2018 $40,000,000
    Production Plants 2018 3
    Total Facilities 2018 3
    Employees 2018 100
  • 2017
    Name Value
    Annual Revenue 2017 $40,000,000
    Production Plants 2017 2
  • 2016
    Name Value
    Annual Revenue 2016 $40,000,000
    Production Plants 2016 2
  • 2013
    Name Value
    Production Plants 2013 3
  • 2012
    Name Value
    Production Plants 2012 4
    Total Facilities 2012 4
    Employees 2012 40
    Annual Volume Private Label 2012 20000
  • 2011
    Name Value
    Production Plants 2011 4
    Total Facilities 2011 4
    Employees 2011 40
    Annual Volume Private Label 2011 20000
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