Agroindustrias Baires

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Agroindustrias Baires
Parque Industrial General Las Heras
Ruta 40 (ex 200) Km.70
Buenos Aires CP1741
Agroindustrias Baires is based in Argentina and manufactures dry dog and dry cat food. The company has a nearly 105,000-square-foot production facility.


2020 Baires extends its international reach into Panama.


Old Prince, Kongo, Waffen Criadores, High Pro Criadores, Maintenance Criadores, Natural Meat, Company, Voraz, Carnix, Max Von, Caudillo, Cereales Adult, Dr. Romero

Geographic markets served

Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Western Europe

Key product categories

Dry Cat Food, Dry Dog Food

  • 2020
    Name Value
    Annual Revenue 2020 $30,000,000
    Production Plants 2020 1
    Total Facilities 2020 1
    Employees 2020 210
  • 2019
    Name Value
    Annual Revenue 2019 $30,820,000
    Production Plants 2019 1
    Total Facilities 2019 1
    Employees 2019 250
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