Mid America Pet Food

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Mid America Pet Food
2024 N Frontage Rd
Mt. Pleasant TX 75455
United States
Mid America Pet Food was founded in 2007 and produces in its own manufacturing facility. It offers super premium pet food and is best known for its Victor brand. The company is owned by TA Associates, a U.S.-based private equity firm.


2021: The company launched the Wayne Feeds brand of pet food into the U.S. market. 2021: The company acquired Nature’s Logic brand 2021: The company is embarking on a $30+ million-dollar expansion project to be completed in late 2022 2021: Ownership of Mid America Pet Food moves from Trinity Hunt Partners to TA Associates. 2020: Mid America Pet Food launches Victor Super Premium pet food for dogs, cats and horses. 2019: The company launches a new product. 2016: Mid America expands its production facilities in Mt. Pleasant, Texas.


Victor Super Premium Pet Food, Eagle Mountain Pet Food, Wayne Feeds and Nature’s Logic

Geographic markets served

North America

Key product categories

Raw Frozen Refrigerated Dog Food, Wet Cat Food, Wet Dog Food, Dog Treats Snacks, Dry Cat Food, Dry Dog Food

  • 2021
    Name Value
    Annual Revenue 2021 $115,070,000
    Production Plants 2021 1
    Total facilities 2021 1
    Employees 2021 180
  • 2020
    Name Value
    Annual Revenue 2020 $115,070,000
    Production Plants 2020 1
    Total Facilities 2020 1
    Employees 2020 157
  • 2019
    Name Value
    Annual Revenue 2019 $115,070,000
    Production Plants 2019 1
    Employees 2019 130
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