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Bern KS 66408
United States
Alphia is a portfolio company of J. H. Whitney Capital Partners (“JH Whitney”), a Connecticut, USA-based private-equity firm. It works with pet food brands as a co-manufacturer and retailers looking to develop, revise or expand their pet food brands. Alphia can produce dry dog and cat food, dog treats, canned dog and cat food and pet bird food. It has the capacity to manufacture more than 1 billion pounds of pet food and treats annually. The company also includes subsidiaries LANI (formerly Lortscher’s Animal Nutrition) and Veracity Logistics.


2020 (June): Alphia is formed by the unification of C.J. Foods Inc. and American Nutrition Inc.



Geographic markets served

Australia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Western Europe, North America

Key product categories

Pet Bird Food Treats, Cat Treats Snacks, Dog Treats Snacks, Dry Cat Food, Dry Dog Food

  • 2021
    Name Value
    Annual Revenue 2021 $875,000,000
    Production Plants 2021 7
    Total facilities 2021 10
    Employees 2021 1120
  • 2020
    Name Value
    Annual Revenue 2020 $580,000,000
    Production Plants 2020 6
    Total Facilities 2020 10
    Employees 2020 860
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