Pets Global Inc.

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Pets Global Inc.
28334 Industry Dr.
Valencia CA 91355
United States
Pets Global Inc. is based in California, USA, and manufactures dog and cat foods, as well as dog treats and cat food toppers. Its brands include Zignature, Fussie Cat, Inception Pet Foods and Essence Pet Foods. Zignature formulas are designed to address common food sensitivities and are made with low-glycemic binders. Fussie Cat varieties use meat as the main ingredient. Inception Pet Foods varieties are free of corn, potato, legumes, wheat and soy. Essence Pet Foods feature 85% animal protein ingredients and are free of grain, alfalfa, sunflower oil, potato, peas and flax seeds.


2012: The company launches Zignature.


Zignature, Fussie Cat, Inception Pet Foods, Essence Pet Foods

Geographic markets served

North America

Key product categories

Wet Cat Food, Wet Dog Food, Dog Treats Snacks, Dry Cat Food, Dry Dog Food

  • 2021
    Name Value
    Annual Revenue 2021 $40,000,000
    Production Plants 2021 1
    Total facilities 2021 1
    Employees 2021 64
  • 2020
    Name Value
    Annual Revenue 2020 $41,600,000
    Production Plants 2020 1
    Total Facilities 2020 1
    Employees 2020 49
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