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Biorigin US
8340 Cane Run Rd
Louisville KY 40258
United States
Using biotechnological processes, Biorigin develops and produces, from yeast and derivatives, natural ingredients for animal nutritional enrichment and health. Its portfolio is composed of 100% safe ingredients, assured by the total traceability of the vertically integrated production process, in addition to the quality assured by certifications FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, GMP+ (Feed Safety Assurance), Kosher (food produced according to Jewish norms) and Halal (food produced according to Islamic requirements). In the Petfood market, Biorigin works with the concepts of functionality and palatability, offering products which are interesting tools for food manufacturers to differentiate and segment the products according to specific needs, age groups, races, etc, and which favors the well-being, the gut and immune health and the longevity of animals.


Biorigin Lamina Microguard

The dog and cat food category is undergoing changes in which consumers choose their pet’s food based on their own perceptions. Becoming increasingly aware of labels, looking for natural and healthy products, made with safer and more nutritious ingredients. Read more here:



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