Webinar: Pet food and COVID-19, part 1: market and business outlook

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The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is affecting every business and industry, including pet food, around the world. While data have shown rising pet food sales from consumers stocking up to shelter at home with their pets, the surge may not last. In addition, the upswing in demand may be causing long-term issues in the pet food ingredient supply chain as well as the supply chain for packaging materials.

At the same time, pet food manufacturers must ensure the health and safety of their workforce while continuing to Pet Covid sponsorsmeet demand with safe, high-quality pet food products. Fast-changing developments and announcements make it difficult for businesses to plan and respond to this crisis.

In the first part of a two-part webinar series on how COVID-19 is affecting the pet food industry, hear from experts, Sean Simpson, Nielsen; Rebecca Casey, TC Transcontinental Packaging; and Paola Cane, Mia Solution srl. The speakers will provide current knowledge and outlooks on the pet food market, the status and projections for pet food packaging, plus crisis planning and management to help you navigate your business through these uncertain times.


  1. Learn current data and trends for the pet food market, plus projections for the short and long-term future.
  2. Discover the current status of pet food packaging materials and capacity, including how consumer behavior is impacting manufacturers’ packaging needs.
  3. Gain best practices for guiding your business through the current crisis.
  4. Understand how to plan for the “new normal” and manage your business once the situation is under better control.

This webinar is part one of the two-part webinar series, 'How COVID-19 is impacting pet food: what you need to know' presented by Petfood Industry and WATT Global Media.

This webinar is sponsored by TC Transcontinental Packaging and Hydrite.


Speaker Info:

Paola Cane headshotPaola Cane, Ph.D., CEO of Mia Solution srl

Paola Cane is a regulatory and marketing senior advisor and author, expert in compliance issues, product recalls and product safety crises. Having gained experience in the food, pharmaceutical and pet food sectors by ensuring companies comply with market regulatory requirements and internal policies, she has worked internationally for numerous brands, taking care of positioning strategies and compliance with European Union (EU) regulations, and collaborating frequently as an author for numerous specialized magazines. Cane’s regulatory experience also includes extensive work in preventing, detecting and responding to varied hazards and providing best practice guidance for recall response plans and crisis management in the food and feed areas.


Rebecca Casey headshotRebecca Casey, senior vice president, marketing and strategy at TC Transcontinental Packaging.

Rebecca Casey is senior vice president, marketing and strategy for TC Transcontinental Packaging. She leads and coaches a high-performing, cross-functional team responsible for execution of the market and business strategy, as well as conveying the brand and value TC Transcontinental brings to the industry. Casey has 22 years of experience and has held numerous positions in the chemicals and packaging industry, including with many of the top Fortune 500 consumer product companies, commercializing new products, driving intuitive collaborative innovation and identifying growth segments through the translation of consumer trends and market insights. She is passionate about identifying how a package communicates the product and brand to its consumers and how creating the perfect packaging experience can transform the way people engage, shop and buy. Casey holds a bachelor of science in chemistry from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Northern Illinois University in marketing. She serves on the board of directors for the Packaging Consortium as well as the PMMI Women’s Network Committee, and was recently nominated as one of the “Women Breaking the Mold for 2019” by Plastic News.  


Sean Simpson headshotSean Simpson, associate client director of the pet vertical at Nielsen

Sean Simpson is associate client director of the pet vertical at Nielsen. He has worked in the pet industry for over five years, previously as a client services manager for the pet specialty point-of-sale tracking business at GfK prior to its acquisition by Nielsen in late 2018. Simpson and the Nielsen pet team of industry experts specialize in understanding consumer patterns and behaviors and unlocking insights from large data sets on emerging trends, performance and industry challenges. These insights are used by clients to inform product, innovation and marketing strategies across the pet industry.


Guest Moderator Info:

Greg Aldrich headshotGreg Aldrich PhD, president of Pet Food & Ingredient Technology Inc.

Greg Aldrich, PhD, president of Pet Food & Ingredient Technology Inc., is an independent nutritionist specializing in foods, ingredients and nutrition for companion animals, as well as research professor and petfood program coordinator for the petfood research production program at Kansas State University. He writes a monthly column for Petfood Industry magazine on ingredient issues. Aldrich earned his doctorate in nutrition from the University of Illinois, a master of science from the University of Missouri and bachelor of science from Kansas State. He has held management and technical positions with Co-op Feeds, the Iams Co., Kemin Industries Inc. and Menu Foods Ltd. He is a member of the American Society of Animal Science, American Society for Nutrition and American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition.