Webinar: Fruit in pet food formulations: nutritional benefits and trends

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The use of fruits in pet food and treats is not new, but with nutritional benefits being attributed to fruit usage, what are the trends for their use in the future? Research has continued to examine fiber fermentation and antioxidant properties. In this webinar, learn about new discoveries and technologies that have been uncovered to benefit the pet and help drive success from the store shelf to the bowl. Featured speakers will include Lynn Dornblaser, Director, Innovation & Insight, Mintel, and Matt Panasevich, Senior Nutrition Scientist – ITQ PET, Blue Buffalo.


  1. Where is fruit being used in pet food and treats, and what kinds of fruits are most common.
  2. Tree Top webinar logoWhat is most important to consumers, and where fruit products in pet food may go in the future.
  3. What are the beneficial nutritional attributes in the use of fruits.
  4. How fruits can provide oxidative health benefits to pets when included in applications.

This webinar is sponsored by Tree Top and presented by Petfood Industry and WATT Global Media.


Speaker Info:

Lynn DornblaserLynn Dornblaser, Director, Innovation & Insight, Mintel

Dornblaser brings 30 years of product knowledge to Mintel, where she serves as director of innovation and insight. She applies her unique perspective on the consumer market and new product development to tailored client research and extensive public speaking. Prior to joining Mintel, Dornblaser covered new product trends at several trade magazine publishers and as editor and editorial director of New Product News. She has been quoted by major U.S. news organizations, including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times and CNN. Dornblaser holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Illinois and has contributed to a textbook on new product development.


Matt PanasevichMatt Panasevich, Senior Nutrition Scientist – ITQ PET, Blue Buffalo.

Matt Panasevich, PhD, serves as R&D Senior Nutrition Scientist at the Blue Buffalo Company. Matt has an extensive background and experience in nutrition research and qualification of novel ingredients that can be utilized in pet food manufacturing. He received his Bachelors in Animal Sciences and a Minor in Nutritional Sciences from Cornell University, and MS and PhD in Animal Sciences and Nutritional Sciences from the University of Illinois - Champaign-Urbana, where his research emphasis was on dietary fiber’s effects on the gut microbiome and gastrointestinal health in companion animals. To date, Matt has authored and co-authored over 10 peer-reviewed publications, 3 patents, and numerous scientific abstracts related to the use of novel ingredients and their impacts on companion animal and human health. In his current role, Matt investigates the application of novel nutritional technologies and their potential impacts on companion animal health.