Webinar: Black Soldier Fly ingredients in dog food: benefits, technical data

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Petfood Industry webinar logoWatch on-demand now to learn Pet food trial results & AAFCO update using BSF ingredients.

In this webinar, gain an update on black soldier fly (BSF) ingredients for pet food, including technical information, trial results, regulatory updates, and consumer acceptance data. The speakers also will provide firsthand experience using BSF protein meal and oil in dog food and treats. Featured speakers will include Serge Boutet, Agrologist Expert in Animal Nutrition, Owner, SB Nutrinnov Consultants, and Brad Ewankiw, Product Line Manager, Feed, Enterra.

Enterra logoWHAT YOU’LL LEARN:

  1. Background of black soldier fly and sustainability  
  2. Overview of BSF benefits as an ingredient 
  3. Pet food trial results & AAFCO update using BSF ingredients 
  4. Experience using BSF meal and oil in production of dog food & treats

This webinar is sponsored by Enterra and presented by Petfood Industry and WATT Global Media.


Speaker Info:

Serge Boutet, Agrologist Expert in Animal Nutrition, Owner, SB Nutrinnov Consultants

Serge BoutetSerge Boutet is an agrologist expert in animal nutrition graduated from McGill University and member of the Ordre des Agronomes du Québec, with more than 37 years career in animal nutrition, including the last 31 in the pet food industry. His expertise covers a wide range of areas such as pet food formulation, knowledge of ingredients, product developments, technical training (teaching), quality control, export, sales, retail, operations, and supply chain management. He has also been associated with the Pet Food Forum group (Watt Global) and PIJAC Canada as speaker / moderator for many years. Presently owner of his consulting company founded in June 2013, SB Nutrinnov Consultants, Serge is collaborating with our team on many aspects of the business such as pet food formulation, brand development, ingredients, complete pet food projects (from concept to retail) as well as training and technical education.


Brad Ewankiw is Product Line Manager, Feed with Enterra

Brad EwankiwBrad Ewankiw is Product Line Manager, Feed with Enterra. He has twenty years of experience in various sales and marketing roles in the agriculture industry, spending time with Bayer Crop Science, Pulse Canada, FMC Agriculture and Gowan Company in various product marketing and management roles. At Enterra Brad is responsible for all aspects of product management for the current portfolio of black soldier fly larvae based products and ingredients. As well, he manages the product development process, focusing on new products that will provide value in the pet food and feed markets. Brad has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Manitoba and a Certificate of Agri-Marketing through the Canadian Agri-Marketing Association.