Webinar: How pet food packaging, testing can improve kibble shelf life

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Maintaining shelf life is an important task for any manufacturer. In this webinar, gain a better understanding of how packaging elements and oxidation control will provide a longer-lasting shelf-stable product for the market. Featured speakers will include Sara Cutler, Senior Technical Service Manager, Kemin Nutrisurance, and Kay Cooksey, Ph.D., Professor and Cryovac Endowed Chair, Clemson University.


  1. Printpack and Aplix Webinar logoHow to establish kibble shelf life
  2. Oxidation, moisture, and mold control approaches
  3. Permeability of materials and how they affect the shelf life
  4. Top trends in packaging materials

This webinar is sponsored by Printpack and Aplix, and presented by Petfood Industry and WATT Global Media.


Speaker Info:

Sara CutlerSara Cutler, Senior Technical Service Manager at Kemin Nutrisurance

Sara Cutler has a BS from South Dakota State and MS and Ph.D. in Animal Science from Iowa State University.  Sara been in the pet food industry with Kemin Nutrisurance since 2008 where she’s worked in product development and now manages the Technical Service group.  Sara lives in St. Joseph, MO with her husband, dog, and cat. 



Kay CookseyKay Cooksey, Ph.D., Professor and Cryovac Endowed Chair, Clemson University

Dr. Kay Cooksey is a Professor and Endowed Chair in the Department of Food, Nutrition and Packaging Science.  She joined the faculty in 1998 and previously worked at University of Wisconsin-Stout in their Packaging program.  She has her PhD in Foods and Nutrition from University of Illinois, MS in Industrial Mechanical Technology with emphasis in Packaging, from Indiana State University and BS in Food Science from Purdue University.  She and her students focus research on Active Packaging, mainly antimicrobial and spoilage indicators but also works on shelf life studies, sustainable packaging and healthcare packaging.  Dr. Cooksey currently teaches Food and Healthcare Packaging and Innovations in Food Packaging courses as well as an online class called Food Packaging, for Kansas State University online Master’s program.