Webinar: 2023 Opportunities & Innovations: a roundtable discussion with ADM Pet Nutrition Experts

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Petfood Industry webinar logoWatch on demand now to learn important pet owner demands that will guide pet product innovation in the coming years.

Pet nutrition trends tend to mirror human food trends, which guides pet food manufacturers constant pursuit of product innovation and development. Natural ingredients, sustainability, functionality, and plant- and insect-based proteins are examples of pet food trend requirements demanded by pet parents in all pet categories like foods, treats, and supplements. Pet product manufacturers and producers will learn how to capture today's opportunity and create tomorrow's innovation through one of the most complete portfolios of on-trend ingredients and services in the United States market. 

ADM_sponsrby_200px.jpgThis roundtable discussion features Amy McCarthy, vice president, pet nutrition, ADM; Lexie Berglund, PetDine business manager, pet nutrition; Jennifer Adolphe, technical services manager, ADM; Dr. Gary Davenport, technical manager, companion animal, ADM and Noah Mesecher, scientist, pet nutrition, ADM.


  1. Important pet owner demands that will guide pet product innovation in the coming years.
  2. On-trend pet food ingredients that support pet health priorities.
  3. Alternative pet food proteins to make pet products more sustainable.
  4. Tips to innovate, develop and deliver pet nutrition products in virtually any format.

This webinar is sponsored by ADM Animal Nutrition and presented by Petfood Industry.


Speakers Info:

Amy_Mccarthy_90px.jpgAmy McCarthy, Vice President, Pet Nutrition, ADM

With over 20 years of experience, Amy combines deep expertise in the pet industry with dedication to customer success. At ADM, Amy oversees strategy for the company’s pet nutrition division, where she has driven the expansion of its product development capabilities for premixes, ingredients, pet foods, and treats. Prior to her current role, Amy held several other leadership positions within the pet industry in the areas of nutrition, product development, research, and operations. She received her Ph.D. in animal nutrition from Louisiana State University.


Lexie_Berglund_90px.jpgLexie Berglund, Petdine Commercial Manager, Baked & Thermal Extrusion

Lexie joined Pedigree Ovens and The Pound Bakery in 2007, initially working in several departments of production, baking, and the warehouse and also helping with sales and customer service. Over the course of her career, she became the President of the Pound Bakery and helped to manage the day-to-day operations at the rapidly growing Harvard Production facility. In 2021, the Companies entered into a Joint Venture with ADM and she was appointed to be the commercial Manager of the Thermal extrusion and baked portion of the business and works closely with management to help oversee the production site in Harvard. Lexie attended McHenry County College where she studied fine art and education. When not working Lexie enjoys spending time with her husband, 2 children, and fur babies at their family farm.


Adolphe_Jennifer_2021_90px.jpgJennifer Adolphe, technical services manager, ADM

Jennifer is responsible for providing technical support, nutrition training, formulation services and new product development for ADM’s customers in the pet food industry. She graduated with her PhD in companion animal nutrition from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. She has a Master of Science degree in human nutrition and previously worked as a registered dietitian. She has more than 15 years of experience in both human and companion animal nutrition and previously held positions at OmniPet Nutrition and Petcurean Pet Nutrition. Jennifer is the recipient of many awards and scholarships for her academic work and has numerous peer-reviewed publications


Davenport_Gary_90px.jpgDr. Gary Davenport, technical manager, companion animal, ADM

Dr. Gary Davenport is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with more than 38 years of animal nutrition experience and 25 years in the pet food industry. He was a tenured professor at Auburn University and a research nutritionist at The IAMS Company. Dr. Davenport is currently a Companion Animal Technical Manager for ADM. In this role, he is responsible for providing technical support, nutrition training, formulation services, and new product development to the pet food industry.


Noah Mesecher_90px.jpgNoah Mesecher, scientist, pet nutrition, ADM

Noah graduated from Colorado State University in 2016 and quickly found himself engulfed in the world of fermentation. He spent the next 4 years in the brewing industry, focusing on product and process improvement for several different industry partners. Once the taps ran dry, he decided to pivot to a new industry that captivated another one of his passions; pets. This move landed him at PetDine, where he is concentrated on driving innovation in every aspect of the operation. His main goal is to keep PetDine and ADM at the forefront of pet health and nutrition.