Webinar: Sustainability and the future of pet food

6/7/23 10:00 am CDT
Online - Webinar

Petfood Industry webinar logoRegister to learn what a postbiotic is and why adhering to the consensus definition is important.

Sustainability has emerged as one of the most important and challenging issues impacting the future foundation of the pet food industry. As it stands today, our current pet food system is not sustainable. Pet food manufacturers will learn insights on how to improve sustainability readiness, while mapping the horizon of new, more sustainable food technologies. In this exclusive webinar, Robert Wheatley, CEO of Emergent, will provide new ideas and information to better inform strategic decisions to help pet food brands navigate the complex unfolding business of sustainable choice and climate impact consequences brought about by legacy pet food production systems.

This webinar will broadcast at 10:00 AM CDT (Chicago) / 4:00 PM BST (London) / 11:00 PM CST (Beijing).

Cargill webinar logoWHAT YOU'LL LEARN:

  1. Understand the root causes of pet food industry environmental impacts and gain knowledge of sustainability readiness best practices (Scope 3 analysis).
  2. Recognize the critical roles and responsibilities pet brands have in instituting robust sustainability transition plans within their respective organizations.
  3. Understand developing consumer trends and preferences related to sustainability performance and policies.
  4. Secure understanding of how sustainability investments operate as a business-building imperative.
  5. Learn about new emerging protein technologies that offer healthy, sustainable solutions at a fraction of the carbon impact of conventional food production.

This webinar is sponsored by Cargill and presented by Petfood Industry.


Speaker Info:

Bob_90px.JPGRobert Wheatley, CEO, Emergent

Robert Wheatley is CEO of Chicago-based Emergent, a marketing, consumer insight, PR, and social media firm specializing in pet brand growth. He is also the founder of the Brand Sustainability Solution platform, providing strategic services in brand sustainability best practices and readiness communications. Emergent helps pet brands uniquely position and distinctively present their story employing powerful emotional cues that generate engagement and trial.