Webinar: Improved search capabilities on Dog and Cat Food Ingredient Center

2/20/18 10:00 am CDT
Online - Webinar

Pet Ingredient CenterTo register to learn how the improved search functionality extends the tool’s usefulness, CLICK HERE.

The Dog and Cat Food Ingredient Center is a searchable database of more than 7,000 recipes for dog and cat food sold in the United States. The database can be searched by manufacturer name or by inclusion or exclusion of specific ingredients. It returns the full ingredient deck and part of the guaranteed analysis of all matching results. The search tool has been upgraded to let user choose between and “And” or “Or” search when including multiple ingredients. This allows one search to be done that returns every variation of a specific ingredient, or group of ingredients. The chosen ingredients are all highlighted in the search results. The search tool has been further improved by “wild card” search, indicated by an asterisk (*). If searching for eggs, for example, the user will have two options eggs or eggs*. The option with the asterisk will return all recipes that have any ingredient that includes of eggs – chicken eggs, dried eggs, dried whole eggs, and so forth. If that result is too broad, the user can narrow it down by using the “Or” search for specific ingredients.

This webinar will broadcast at:

  • 10:00 AM Central (Chicago)


  • How this tool gives a unique view of the dog and cat food on sale in the United States.

  • How the improved search functionality extends the tool’s usefulness.

  • The scope of the recipes and products in the database.

  • How you can save and download results for further analysis


This webinar is presented by the Dog and Cat Food Ingredient Center.


Speaker Info:

Bruce PlantzBruce Plantz, Vice President, Director of Innovation and Data Development at WATT Global Media.