Webinar: Improving pet food smell to increase brand loyalty

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Now more than ever, the smell of pet food matters! Seeing a pet enjoy a meal is one of the special pleasures of pet ownership. But unpleasant odors can reduce the owner’s appreciation of the pet’s meal experience. For pet food manufacturers, improving the smell of pet food can be efficient way to upgrade pet owner meal experience, build consumer trust and establish a positive brand image. 



  1. What is the impact of pet food’s smell on pet parents’ purchasing habits
  2. How to describe the odor of a pet food with innovative sensory tools and position it in a market olfactory landscape.
  3. How pet food odors are connected with pet owners’ preference and emotions
  4. What are the strategies to design a pet food with a smell that is in harmony with a brand storytelling.

This webinar is sponsored by Diana Pet Food and presented by Petfood Industry and WATT Global Media.


Speaker Info:

Dr. Perrine Delime, research project manager at Diana Pet Food

Dr. Perrine graduated from AgroParisTech in 2011 in biology, nutrition and food science, and achieved a PhD thesis with Mars Petcare, at the University of Nottingham, focusing on human sensory perception of flavor mixtures. From 2014 to 2015, Dr. Perrine was a project leader in sensory analysis at MANE. Dr. Perrine joined Diana Pet Food in 2015 as a research project manager. She investigates human perception of pet food in order to develop new products to appeal both pets and pet owners.


Chloé Champion, marketing and communication director at Diana Pet Food

Master in Agronomy from Agro Paris Tech. Chloé Champion specializes in food technology. She also owns a master’s degree in marketing from ESSEC Business School. She joined DIANA Pet Food, member of the Symrise Group, fourteen years ago following a first experience in fundamental research. After several years as product manager and EAME Marketing Manager Chloé Champion is now Marketing & Communication Director. Chloé is passionate about food trends & digital transformation.