An Evolution in Stored Grain Protection

Learn more about how Central Life Sciences’ latest combination products, Gravista™ Insecticide and Centynal™ Synergized Insecticide, deliver stored grain protection while eliminating the need to tank-mix.

Photo: Central Life Sciences
Photo: Central Life Sciences

Insects decimate grain in storage and severely impact profits across the nation. As a whole, the United States agriculture industry loses upwards of $2.5 billion a year due to insect infestations in stored grains. That economic loss can be felt throughout the grain storage process as insects interfere with grain quality.

Stored grain protectants are a significant part of the equation, a vital layer of security between your grain and stored product insects. That’s why the Bug Free Grains lineup from Central Life Sciences is always evolving. We continue to develop innovative products that provide protection from infestations throughout the entire insects’ life cycles.

For years, customers have asked for all-in-one products that eliminate the need for tank- mixing, and we listened. Central Life Sciences has expanded our lineup of stored grain protectants with groundbreaking products, Gravista™ Insecticide and Centynal™ Synergized Insecticide. Both of these non-restricted-use products eliminate the need to tank-mix and are designed to control even the toughest weevil infestations – including pyrethroid-resistant populations.

Products Designed to Address the Weevil Problem and Other Stored Grain Insects

Weevils are known as the most destructive pest when it comes to stored grains. Weevil larvae develop inside kernels and eat their way out as they grow. The biggest indicator of a weevil infestation is a “shot hole” appearance in kernels.

  • Gravista™ Insecticide features an insect growth regulator, which breaks the life cycles of future generations of weevils. When utilized throughout the storage process, this can cut the weevil problem off at the root.
  • Centynal™ Synergized Insecticide is specifically designed to bring a boost to short-term storage and rescue treatments, helping operators avoid an expensive fumigation treatment by rescuing impacted grain.

Both of these product solutions in the Bug Free Grains lineup feature a synergist, which increases the killing speed and knockdown of labeled weevils, reducing infestation rebound and helping destroy other stored product bugs.

The Ins and Outs of Gravista™ Insecticide

In addition to its weevil-control capabilities, Gravista™ Insecticide

has a range of other features and benefits to offer. As a liquid concentrate that combines an adulticide, an insect growth regulator, and a synergist, Gravista™ Insecticide is the first 3-in-1 grain protectant of its kind designed to kill labeled stored grain insects and break their life cycles to help prevent future generations, with no tank-mixing required.

The product provides excellent control of Indian meal moths, sawtoothed grain beetles, red flour beetles, rice weevils, maize weevils, lesser grain borers, and other listed pests.

Gravista™ Insecticide provides long-term residual control for on-grain, empty-bin and perimeter treatments. It is designed for use on wheat, corn, rice, and other labeled grains and seeds. Gravista™ Insecticide is also CODEX approved for cereal grains, offering international market flexibility.

With versatility, ease-of-use, and a groundbreaking mixture portfolio, Gravista™ Insecticide is primed to become the go-to choice for stored grain facilities.

The Ins and Outs of Centynal™ Synergized

The evolution of stored grain protection continues with Centynal™ Synergized Insecticide, designed to bring a boost to short-term grain storage and rescue treatments by combining both an adulticide and a synergist.

Centynal™ Synergized Insecticide provides effective knockdown and will help control even the toughest stored product insects, such as Indian meal moths, sawtoothed grain beetles, red flour beetles, rice weevils, maize weevils, lesser grain borers and more.

Centynal™ Synergized Insecticide is CODEX approved for cereal grains, providing international flexibility, and may be tank-mixed with other products, such as Diacon® IGR. It is designed for use on wheat, corn, rice and other labeled grains and seeds.

Application of Centynal™ Synergized Insecticide is effective anywhere grain is stored, including empty bins, warehouses, and perimeter areas. The product reduces rebound of infestations and shows a significant increase in insect mortality when used in combination with other control products.

The Future of Stored Grain Protection

Stored grain protectants are the clear answer to an ever-evolving problem, and Central Life Sciences is committed to the continued evolution of stored grain protection.

Our full line-up of insect growth regulators, synergists and insecticides are designed for use during the sanitation and grain storage process, available in liquid and dry formulations to allow for an array of application methods.

Gravista™ Insecticide and Centynal™ Synergized Insecticide are the latest chapters in an ongoing history of protecting stored grain, and the Bug Free Grains lineup will continue to evolve alongside the needs of our customers.

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