Bag Packing Equipment for 50-100 lb Bags

Bag Packer PHOTO

Spiroflow Systems offers a complete line of bag fillers that can be custom designed to accommodate any type of dry powder product being filled into 20 to 100 lb. bags. Offering total dust-free containment, Spiroflow’s bag fillers have a minimal number of moving parts for low maintenance. Easily adjustable controls accommodate full management data for optimal operation and performance.

Spiroflow offers bulk bag fillers that can operate continuously up to 24 hours a day. The complete line includes a Turbo Impeller Packer, a Force Flow Packer and a Screw Packer.

The dust-free Turbo Packer is designed for filling 50 to 100 lb. bags and provides high speed handling of a wide variety of materials. The Turbo Packer comes with adjustable weight control with management data and is built for continuous 24/7 operation.


  • Robust and reliable - designed for 24 hour operation
  • Low maintenance - minimum of moving parts
  • Electronic load cell weighing and PLC controller
  • Easily adjustable control with full management data
  • Full design, testing and service back-up assured
  • Full range of options - applicators and take-off conveyors
  • Automatic in-flight compensation
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