Gastrivix Avi

  • Perstorp Gastrivix Avi is a unique gut health solution combining the benefits of valeric and butyric acid.
  • Like butyric acid, valeric acid is naturally created by the gut microbiota of broilers, although in too small quantities for optimal gut health during production cycles.
  • Perstorp has used complex organic chemistry to create esters of valeric acid, which were tested over many years in a multitude of combinations with butyric acid esters to develop the right synergy, and the best match with nature.
  • Gastrivix Avi has been created to meet the bird’s biological needs, support gut integrity and promote reliable growth and performance.
  • Perstorp believes that the solution will solve multiple challenges for the industry, by reducing feed volumes for the broiler’s lifecycle, providing consistent growth results and boosting ROI.
  • Gastrivix Avi is a dry product that is easy to handle, palatable, has no dangerous goods restrictions and has no odor issues.
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