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Elgin, IL 60124

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2425 Alft Lane
Elgin, IL 60124
United States

Caldic offers food grade ingredients from human grade manufacturing & warehousing facilities to the North American pet food/treat markets. As a global company, our ingredients are sourced from customer-preferred countries of origin, allowing for 100% non-Chinese products. Enhance nutrition, shelf life & texture with Dadex Antioxidants (synthetic/natural), Damin-Aide Vitamin Mineral Blends, Alube Release Agents/Processing Aids, Vegetable Oil Blends, Inclusions, Vegan/Alternative Proteins, available in liquid/dry formats including NGM & organic. In addition to an extensive library of specialty ingredients, Caldic offers technical formulation & processing support, shelf-life & analytical testing, and comprehensive regulatory documentation.

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Key Contacts
Kathleen Koe
Marketing Manager
Liz Parker
Regional Sales Manager Nutrition Pharmaceutical Canada
Sandy Boston
Customer Development Manager US Nutrition