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APC offers safe, high quality and sustainable ingredients, including plasma, hydrolyzed plasma and natural flavors.

APC’s Functional Proteins consistently offer proven benefits in both wet and dry applications.

In wet, moist and semi-moist applications, plasma can be used for traditional functional benefits by providing superior gelling, emulsification and water holding capacity. It makes firmer chunks with fewer crumbs, better texture and a gravy pets love.

In dry foods and treats, plasma offers the opportunity for a different kind of functionality – supporting immune health. More than 600 published journal articles show the power of plasma and the positive impact it has on the overall well-being of animals. Our ingredients are label friendly, perfect for use in protein focused pet foods and provide energy savings in the extruder.

APC is the world leader in the research, development and manufacture of spray-dried plasma proteins for the international pet food industry.

To learn more or contact us, visit our website at www.apcproteins.com

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Key Contacts
Bryan Allen
Director of Sales - North America
Beth Saxton
Director of Global Marketing
Dr. Joy Campbell
Senior Director of Research & Development
Marcos Razze
Senior Vice President - Research & Development
Ramesh Subramonian
Director of Sales - Asia Pacific
Victor Deike
Director of Sales & Marketing - Europe
Roger Gerlach
Director of Sales - North America