Davisco BiPro whey protein isolate

Company Overview

Davisco has unveiled prototypes of dog treats that include BiPro whey protein isolate, pumpkin, peanut butter, egg and honey. As consumers have become more aware of the impact nutrition can have on their pets, the demand for healthier animal food has risen. It’s logical to add Davisco’s whey protein to pet food because the company’s products reach industry-leading purity, which can help animals of all kinds improve their muscle health among other things. Another benefit of BiPro is that it is easily digestible by dogs. Davisco carries other popular whey proteins such as alpha-lactalbumin, a tryptophan-rich whey protein isolate, and BioZate. BioZate is a rapidly absorbed hydrolyzed whey protein that is an ideal addition to snack foods – whether they’re designed for humans or animals.

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