Erachem Comilog manganese oxide MnO60

Erachem Comilog Manganese Oxide Mn O60

After studying manganese oxide from all major producers, Erachem Comilog confirmed, contrary to general understanding, that manganese oxides significantly differ. Furthermore, in the study, Erachem manganese oxide provided, by far, the best quality on the market in terms of bio-availablility.

This has led to the adoption of a global brand. The brand was first used in Tertre, Belgium, and will now be extended to all manganese oxides produced by Erachem Comilog in Baltimore, Maryland, USA (formerly called MnO60), and Tampico, Mexico (formerly called Oximangam).

ALMA Manganese oxide has a guaranteed minimum of 60% Mn, with MnO2 guaranteed not to exceed 2%. MnO2 is not bio-available, so Erachem keeps it to a minimum.

All three plants make ALMA using exclusively the best quality ore.

The ALMA brand will be enforced to explain the bio-availability value, and to allow interchangeability of supply thanks to two backup facilities. The packaging and product will look the same, no matter the Erachem plant that made it. Location of manufacture will be indicated. All ALMA will have the same two-year advised storage time.

 In addition, Erachem is adopting best-in-class Mn and heavy metals detection procedures at all three plant labs, assuring customers of uniformly high-quality MnO. 

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