Hexa Foods BugBites

Bug Bites

BugBites aim to improve the future of our lovely planet by daring to change radically the way we feed our four-legged friends. We help reduce the amount of water, feed and space required to feed our pets by replacing the traditional protein source found in their food, usually chicken or beef, with a more sustainable and healthy protein source: insects. Those little buggers are high in protein, essential fatty acids and other important nutrients, and are amazingly eco-friendly to farm. At BugBites, we only use simple and natural ingredients produced by people that care, and proudly prepare our treats in a family-owned kitchen located in Quebec.

So what’s in it for your dog? First, let’s note that dogs already consume insects willingly and delightedly whenever they have the opportunity. Plus, our main ingredient -- cricket flour -- is very high in protein and essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6, which are hard to find in most animal protein sources. These fats can contribute to your pet’s health by improving his skin and fur, and by preventing certain heart problems and arthritis.

We prepared our dog treats with an agronomist expert in animal nutrition, and tested their taste with hundreds of dogs with staggering positive responses, both from the dogs and from their owners. Our treats are entirely made of ingredients you can understand, like bananas, peanuts, sweet potatoes and chickpeas. We source our cricket flour from one of the largest insect farms in the world, located in Canada, and certified for human grade consumption.