Dr-Chew Sweet Potato Dog Treats


Dr-Chew has introduced a new line of organic certified 100 percent sweet potato dog treats and snacks.

These vegetarian and vegan products are specifically designed for overweight dogs. Dr-Chew dog treats provide a sweet taste of cooked sweet potato. These treats are also an alternative to meat based rawhide and grain based biscuits.

The treats are prepared in 4 sizes to accommodate for all dogs: Large, Regular, Small and Petite. The petite size treats are designed as a teething treat for puppies to relieve tension, soothe new gums and help loosen puppy teeth and make room for adult teeth. The treats have a shelf life of 36 months if stored in a cool and dry place away from odorous material.

Feeding Instructions:

  • Large - dogs 30 to 50 + lbs
  • Regular - dogs 20 to 30 lbs
  • Small - dogs 5 to 10 lbs
  • Petite - dogs less than 5 lbs
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