TPC Wire & Cable Corp. Defender antimicrobial cable jacket


TPC Wire & Cable Corp. offers the Defender antimicrobial cable jacket for the industrial food and beverage market. The jacket eliminates greater than 99% of bacteria (e.g., , ) and fungus (e.g., Aspergillus) within 24 hours of exposure, according to the company. Defender antimicrobial cable contains a silver ion based antimicrobial additive commonly used in many consumer packaged goods. Adding this to the cable jacket during the manufacturing process provides long-term broad-spectrum protection from bacteria, mold and fungus that is built in to the cable jacket. The protection is continuous and does not transfer to skin or other surfaces. The cable is UL recognized, CSA certified and RoHS compliant. It has passed both the VW1–UL and FT-1 CSA flame tests, is 600 volt rated and can tolerate extreme temperatures (-60ºC to 150ºC).

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