Nercon Engineering & Manufacturing Inc. Rapid-Rail


Nercon’s Rapid-Rail is engineered to simplify\nchangeovers on the packaging line, and offers a single point,\neasy-to-use hand adjustment of guide rails to accommodate multiple package\nsizes on the same piece of equipment. Several points along the conveyor,\nover a long distance, can be controlled from one location on the line. All adjustments are made from only a few locations\nand affect all points along the line, resulting in significant time savings. The equipment works equally well with any type of\ngrocery packaged product, according to the company. ", "Nercon employs a simplified, economical design on\nRapid-Rail that limits the number of moving parts. With a repeatable system,\nit’s easy to fine-tune the path as products go through the turn. The new design\nalso enables operators to add a motor and control any adjustments right from a\nconventional control system.

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