Rollstock RC-300 rotary chamber machine

Rollstock Rc 300 Rotary Chamber Machine

Rollstock’s RC-300 rotary chamber machine features a 304L stainless steel modular frame with the ability to accept a multitude of chamber configurations (widths and lengths) and sealing profiles (single, double or custom seal impressions) and sealing widths up to 24 inches long. 

The RC-300's patented constant temperature sealing system allows for the capability of sealing through the thickest bags, through contaminants, and through excessive folds and wrinkles.

Using state-of-the-art micro-processor control and a 10" touch screen display, the RC-300 offers ease of operation and monitoring with pre-set storage capabilities.  It provides control over sealing temperature, sealing time, and pneumatic control over sealing pressure.

Additional benefits of Rollstock's RC-300 Rotary Chamber Machine include:

• Made in America by an American company

• In most cases, same day shipping for on-shelf items (typical wear items)

• Fast turn-around on machined components (programmed & machined in-house)

• Average machine speeds: thirty cycles per minute (30 CPM)

• Sealing widths from 12" wide to 24" wide

• Sealing profile: single, double, custom seal impression

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