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Providing detailed, expert information on the market is the core purpose of Petfood Industry. Whether in the form of articles, editorial or supplier provided information, pet food professionals can gain the knowledge they need to make smart business decisions. Check out the following custom-created epublications for exclusive insights and details on specific capabilities and options in this growing, global marketplace.

To find out how Petfood Industry can help your company design, edit and produce your own unique publication, contact Melissa Thrune, National Sales Director.

2021 Extru-Technician

The Extru-Technician

Extru-Tech’s custom publication shares its technical research on safely extruding pet food. Subscribe today to stay on top of the latest extrusion advancements.

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2021 Customer Cravings

Customer Cravings

Kemin Industries, Petfood Ingredient Division, features pet nutrition research and details how the company works with clients and suppliers to help improve their pet food. Subscribe today to learn about the latest pet food and palatability advances.

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2021 Conveying Ideas

Conveying Ideas

Schenck Process shares how new products and technologies are improving pet food manufacturing processes. Subscribe today to get the most out of your conveying equipment.

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January 2009 Petfood Industry magazine

Archived Publications

Check out past issues of various pet food manufacturing and processing publications, as well as issues of Petfood Industry from 2006-2011.

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