B+L Industrial Measurement central weighing terminal

Company Overview

B+L Industrial Measurement has released a new user weighing terminal that works in conjunction with up to 16 filling controllers. Aimed at automated system builders, the new terminal reduces costs and complexity by eliminating the need for individual user interfaces and displays at each weighing head.

Bag filling in the 1 to 50 kilogram weight range will often utilize multiple filling heads in a linear or rotary configuration. Setting up these heads and monitoring them usually means control panels with keypads and displays at each of the filling points. The new Central Terminal (CT) from B+L operates remotely via Ethernet meaning each filling head can be set up and operated from the CT.

A 7-inch touchscreen display enables the CT to show a graphic representation of the filling system. This makes selecting a filling head and adjusting its weight parameters very straightforward. If all the filling heads are targeting the same weight, then this is entered once and sent to all the controllers, saving time. If this is not the case, then each filling controller can be programmed and function independently.

IP65 front panel sealing and its ability to operate in temperatures between -10 and +60 Celsius means that the CT works well in any typical filling environment. However, its ability to act as a central communication hub means it can be sited outside the filling area and away from the rotating machinery if so desired.

 As a leading manufacturer of filling controllers, B+L Industrial Measurements has developed this product following customer demand. Utilizing this feedback and years of experience the company’s engineers have produced a product that fits this application precisely. It offers the machine builder or system integrator significant hardware cost savings and programming time. In addition it offers their customer operational benefits in the way of reduced setup time, quicker product changeover and reduced operator training. 

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