Constantia Flexibles EcoLam packaging line

Company Overview

Constantia Flexibles presents EcoLam, a sustainable and lightweight packaging line made with an OPE/PE structure that is fully recycle-ready due to its mono-material structure. In addition, its carbon footprint is approximately 32 percent smaller than that of comparable products.  

Another advantage of the EcoLam packaging line is the great barrier properties. From Eco Lam, to EcoLamPlus to EcoLamHighPlus, the level of moisture, oxygen and even aroma as well as mineral oil is getting higher and higher. 

For common high barrier packaging solutions, usually multi-material laminates are used to achieve high barrier properties, but the lamination of different material groups can hamper the recycling process. EcoLamPlus and EcoLam HighPlus combine excellent barrier properties with the environmental benefits of a mono-material, which can be fully recycled. 

Dry pet food, laundry products including powders, tabs and capsules can be packed in EcoLam.

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