Festo Motion Control Package

Company Overview

The Festo Motion Control Package (FMCP) is a control system that handles coordinated motion for up to 6 axes, providing an integrated robotic solution with kinematics for H, T, 2D & 3D Festo standard gantry systems. Cartesian motion applications can be configured and integrated quickly with function blocks or AOIs for various controller brands. FMCP comprises servo drives with safety circuit, power supply, gateway to the fieldbus of your choice and circuit protection; all prewired, tested and certified to work on arrival at your facility.

It can be configured with the Handling Guide Online (HGO), an all-in-one configuration and ordering system. This online engineering tool supports you in configuring and requesting your standard handling system.

HGO with FMCP offers control, motion, and handling as an integrated package.

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