Witte C-30 mounting clamp

Company Overview

Process equipment manufacturer The Witte Co. of Washington, New Jersey, USA, introduced a C-clamp that permanently mounts on pet food production machinery, yet retracts without tools for access to the interior. Expanding the company's line of C-clamps, the Witte C-30 clamp delivers up to 1,700 lbs. of clamping force to establish a tight seal on pet food production machine panels, doors, housings, screen decks, and other parts, even when joining different materials and multiple thicknesses. For quick release and machine access, the Witte C-clamp features a proprietary, stainless steel yoke and roll pin assembly that allows opening with one hand and no tools without detaching the clamp from the pet food production machinery. When cleaning, inspection and/or maintenance is complete, the clamp may be returned to the closed position at the desired tension in seconds to resume safe pet food production machine operation.

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