Gericke Mk 3 Centrifugal Mill Sifters Small

The newly designed Gericke MK-3 Centrifugal Mill Sifters offer the next generation in sifting technology to meet the ever-increasing demands of both quality inspection and hygiene within the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. All models in the range include a new basket design enabling 360 degree screen rotation within the machine. This capability simplifies inspection allowing a single operator to conduct inspection from one side of the sifter, while eliminating manual handling and the inherent hygiene implications of removing the screen on a regular basis for inspection. Standard machines include bearings at both ends, combining optimum performance with simplicity of design to allow servicing and maintenance by internal staff.

In addition to the traditional nylon screens, anti-static, perforated plate and wedge wire screens are also available to suit the needs of the many and varied applications where Gericke Sifters are used.

Standard designs are pre-engineered, reducing delivery times. The engineering experience within Gericke will ensure the flexibility to tailor machinery to customers’ specific requirements when necessary.

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