Custom Stainless Enclosures 4Xxtreme Double Seal Enclosures

Custom Stainless Enclosures 4 Xtreme Double Seal
  • 4Xxtreme Double Seal Enclosures: Custom Stainless Enclosures highlights their enclosures with the highest washdown standards for extreme environments.
  • Patented Double Seal technology provides multiple layers of water protection, preventing water build-up between seals.
  • Easy-to-install EPDM gasket resists chemicals and high temperatures, and is considered "Foreign Material Detectable."
  • Enhanced Design: Single Hygienic Quarter Turn Door Design reduces electrical failures, increases plant productivity, and lowers overall equipment ownership costs. Patented Double Stud Mounting System eliminates the need for mounting gaskets and simplifies installation. Customized solutions offer seven top configurations for tailored enclosure solutions.
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