Reversible rotor/stator mixer

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Arde Barinco Inc. offers the new Model CJ-2A\n reversible homogenizer. The Model CJ-2A is designed to prepare\n fine grain emulsions and solid particle dispersions in small\n batches. All results obtained with the Model CJ-2A can be\n scaled-up to batches as high as 10,000 liters. A proprietary\n computer program can predict results developed utilizing this\n small high-shear mixer. ", "The Model CJ-2A has a 0.25 HP 15,000 RPM\n reversible motor. The unique down-mode is capable of drawing\n and wetting out floating powders. The down-mode can also be\n utilized to re-suspend any settled solids on the bottom of the\n process mixing vessel. The mixer comes complete with a stand\n and reversible variable-speed control box.