K-Tron Process Group T35/S60 Quick Change feeder


K-Tron Process Group's T35/S60 Quick Change feeder is designed for applications requiring quick changeover of materials. The QC feeder allows for removal of the entire feed hopper with sccrews in place. The single-screw feeding elements can handle free flowing powders, granules and other non-flooding materials, and the twin-screw feeding elements can handle floodable powders as well as sticky or hard-to-flow materials. The T35 twin-screw feeder offers feed rates of 1.25 to 2,500 dm/hr (0.04 to 88 ft/hr) and the S60 single-screw offers feed rates of 0.12 to 4,500 dm/hr (0.004 to 160 ft/hr), according to K-Tron.