Romer Labs Inc. AgraStrip total aflatoxin quantitative WATEX test kit


Romer Labs Inc. offers the AgraStrip total aflatoxin quantitative WATEX test kit, a water-based testing method that will allow food, feed and grain producers to test for aflatoxins without using organic solvents. The test kit has a time-to-result of eight minutes, including extraction, sample preparation and strip development, and no filtration or centrifugation step is needed.", "With a quantitation range of 0–100 ppb, a limit of detection of 3ppb and the fast time-to-result, the AgraStrip test kit is the fastest test available on the market, meeting the industry needs for a simple, sensitive and easy-to-use test kit, according to the company. “With our new AgraStrip Watex test kit line we fulfill the needs of our customers for an environment-friendly water-based testing method,\" said Michael Prinster, CEO of Romer Labs America. \"At the same time we have further simplified the extraction and sample preparation with work-flow innovations, offering customers a testing solution that is accurate, easy-to-use and delivers results fast.\"", "Other Romer product lines include AgraQuant mycotoxin test kits, MycoSep/MultiSep cleanup columns, MycoSpin cleanup columns, Starline immunoaffinity columns and the Biopure mycotoxin product line. Romer Labs is a provider of diagnostic solutions for food and feed safety. It develops, manufacturers and markets rapid test kits for food allergens, food pathogens, mycotoxins, veterinary drug residues and other food contaminants.

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