TPC Wire & Cable Corp. Trex-Onics extra-heavy duty reeling cable


TPC Wire & Cable Corp., a supplier of wire, cable and connectors, offers the Trex-Onics reduced diameter, extra-heavy duty reeling cable. The cable was designed with a smaller diameter and lighter weight to reduce wear and tear on reels, connectors and the cable itself. The heavy-duty TPE dual-layer jacket also contains a reinforcing aramid braid between the layers. This braid provides greater than 1,800 pounds of tensile load capability, which practically eliminates “cork-screwing” under tension and premature cable failure common to standard multi-conductor cables, according to the company. The cable offers UV resistance and all-weather flexibility to -50°C, which is critical in the harsh environments it will face serving industries ranging from steel mills, food processing, wood and paper product manufacturing, to oil and gas drilling operations.